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"Noticed" shotlist


Shot1   ES, BE tracking
in to CU
Camera Pans down, tracks to tree branch with a fitness center in background. Female bird is sitting on branch grooming herself and boy bird flies down to branch next to female bird. He chirps at the female and puffs up chest and takes two small hops closer to female. She looks at the male and turns away sticking her beak up and takes two hops away from the male bird. 
Shot2  Tracking
in LS to MS 
Camera tracks past birds and title "Noticed" comes into frame and dissolves away. Camera then tracks into gym through window and onto Boy. 

Scene# 2 The Treadmill

Shot1  MS  Boy walks in and looks around with excitement and wonder , but with pensiveness  
Shot2  CU  Boys face as he looks around  
Shot3  MS  Boy looks at treadmill and walks over and gets on and starts walking.  
Shot4  MS  Girl walks in screen right in front of treadmill to screen left. Boy looks at girl as she walks past and is very intrigued  
Shot5  MS  Girl stars stretching, camera behind girl (boys POV) 
Shot6  MS  Boy on treadmill and puffs up chest after seeing girl and then pushes button to speed up walking to a jog.  
Shot7  MS  Girl widens feet and bends forward to stretch  
Shot8  MS  Boy’s finger is still on the button panel and eye’s go wide seeing girl bend over.  
Shot9  ECU  Finger on control panel pushing speed up button. Speed diagram fills up quickly.  
Shot10  MS  Boy running at this point unable to keep up, he trips and rolls on track to flies into the wall behind him.  

Scene# 3 The Bench press

Shot1  LS  Scene opens with boy picking up plates and placing them onto bar.  
Shot2  CU  Girl is doing dive bomber push ups  
Shot3  MS  Boy notices girl doing dive bomber pushups and is unable to take his eyes off of girl.  
Shot4  MS  Back to girl doing diver bomber push ups  
Shot5  MS  Boy is still putting plates on while watching girl doing dive bomber pushups.  
Shot5A  MS  Boy sits down on bench while looking at girl and hasn’t noticed he has put to many weights on one side.  
Shot5B  MS  Boy goes to start bench pressing but the weight on the one side is to heavy and he flies off to one side and out of screen.  

Scene# 4 The Dumbbells

Shot1  MS  Shot starts at wall with poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Boy walks in from screen right and looks up at the wall to poster. Boy then gets under the poster and imitates the pose and is disappointed when no muscle pops up. Boy then looks up and looks over past camera  
Shot2  MS  Body builder doing curls with large heavy dumb bells.  
Shot3  MS  Boy looks from body builder to dumb bell rack and walks over to dumb bell rack. Starts to look at dumb bells and picks some up to find the right weight. Girl walks into scene through reflection of mirror and gets boys attention. Girl starts doing yoga and boy watches while still feeling for dumb bells. Body builder comes over and puts large dumb bells back in smaller dumb bell area. Boy then grabs large dumb bell without realizing and drops on foot.