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In nature the male of every species does its best to get noticed by the female. Some animals use bright colors or special calls to stand out. But the most common way for males of most species to be noticed by the females is by physical prowess. This is generally because it means protection and strong healthy young.

Sequence 1: (The tread mill)

Human males are no different, some might even say that we go to even further lengths than any other species. One of the most common and primitive ways for showing physical stature is excellent cardiovascular abilities. ^1(Something about ancient times mentioning the Greeks.) One of the oldest and tested ways to gain this is through running. (Mention of the easiest way to achieve this is by using a tread mill.) AHHH running something even the simplest and most inexperienced man can do. There’s really nothing to it! Just put one foot in front of the other and just like that you’re running.

Sequence 2: (The bench press)

The ideal male specimen has a well developed upper body. There for it is a necessary part of working out that one develops these muscles.

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