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This video is of a 3D Print that I modeled as a reward for the Jumpcore Kickstarter for Undead Overlord. This video is the breakdown of each of the elements that went into the 3D Print.

The software used was Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, and Adobe Photoshop for textures and it was rendered in Mental Ray. The 3D model was created from three existing models...a Swat character and soldier character from Mixamo and a Tank Zombie that was modeled in Mudbox for the game. I modeled the base using Maya and created the logo from an existing Adobe Illustrator file using the vectors to create the geometry. I also had to transfer the UVs of the game model of the Tank Zombie to the high resolution mudbox file and then pose each of the characters with the base. I then increased the resolution of each of the human characters in Mudbox and sculpted more detail for the 3D print. Jef Shears, a friend and colleague of mine, did the majority of the texturing and UV layout for the base and logo. He also created teeth for the Tank Zombie. I modified the textures on both of the human characters, adding blood and dirt while color correcting parts of the base texture. After everything was assembled the model had to be cut where each of the characters connect while maintaining a closed object. After that, a hole was cut at the base of the model to allow material to drain out so that the 3D print would be hollow. Finally, the entire model was extruded to create thickness.

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