I am a 3D Artist and animator. I specialize in using Maya, Photoshop, and motion capture. I was an Instructor of Animation at the Art Instutute of Charlotte for 3 years until its closure in December 2018.

While working as an Instructor at the Art Institute I created and recorded video tutorials for my students and posted them on vimeo.

During 2020 at the start of the covid pandemic until December of 2020 I filmed and edited church services for our local church so our community could stay connected until the church was able to get a live stream working during this difficult time.

This is a project done for TSSI solutions called "LSID" or "LAW ENFORCEMENT STANDOFF DRONE" where they are developing new technologies for law enforcement to help keep both the public and the officers safer. I completed this project on my own with input from the client in about 80 hours. This is to help demonstrate the use and capabilities of the drone technologies to prospective departments.

Recent Projects

Promotional video

This is a promotional video I recently did for a client.

One of the shots the client originally wanted in the promotional video was a drone shot of the front of the building with the front sign replaced. The shot didn't make it into the final cut but here is a breakdown of that video.